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HT: Jameson by Creed-Senpai HT: Jameson by Creed-Senpai

This is the Australian Shepherd gijinka I promised you guys and :iconpervertedboyfuruchi: found a group.... and he fit perfectly in it. OTL
Hope I make it in!


Name: Jameson
Nickname(s): James, Jamie, J. He prefers Jamie though.
Age: 1-2 Years (20)
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Breed: Australian Shepherd 
TBA (Doesn't have one yet)
Partner: No one yet
Sexual orientation: Demisexual
  • Jamie is a kind pup. He's only had one home for a short amount of time, so when meeting people he tends to make friends quickly. The aussie shepherd tends to be very determined and curious at times because he's only known the life of a ranch, so if he tends to be in someones space, he doesn't know better. However he is a quick learner, so pointing out the do's and don't's of things to him is a positive and he'll be sure to either not do something again or makes sure he does the right thing. Jameson is really just a big sweetheart and means well in all of the sense.
    However, even with all these positive traits about him. He can get possessive. Not in a bad sense, but with his owner passing away so soon after he was adopted was a huge loss to him and he tends to cling on to friends and people the best he can. He hates being alone and always likes to be in a room of people he's fond of. Possessive also meaning that when he makes friends and holds onto them, he can be protective if someone threatens them.

  • When he was born, at the appropriate puppy age, he was adopted to an elderly rancher who desired a K9-companion to later on help him with his cattle and other fauna. Jameson was actually named after the old man's, deceased son. He was lonely and the aussie shepherd saw that, trying his best as he grew quickly and brought joy and order to the old man's life as an efficient herding dog. However, not far into his own young life, the elderly rancher died of natural old age. This time leaving the young pup alone and having to move on.

Extra information:
  • The red bandana he is holding in his app picture is the only thing he has left of his previous owner and used to wear it all the time when he was on the ranch.
  • He doesn't have a job now, but he's already experienced with herding or rather "order and organzied" work.

Jameson (c) EagleOfTheCreed
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Blasianeko Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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